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Returning to the office after COVID-19: Example playbook and customizable template

We mapped out a return to the workplace plan so you don’t have to. Take a look at how Robin plans on addressing office safety, physical distancing, policy changes, and more. Then, use the template to create a return to work playbook for your company.

Build your return team task force

Who’s spearheading your return to work strategy? We found that bringing together people who specialize in different areas (office layout, company communications, workplace logistics, and employee satisfaction) is essential for a return team task force.

Outline physical distancing guidelines

Whether it’s desks, meeting rooms, common areas, or shared resources we outlined how Robin plans to maintain a safe distance in our Boston office. What elements of our plan would fit well for your organization?

Clarify safety procedures

What policy changes should employees anticipate around safety and cleanliness when they return? We walk through new guidelines aimed to promote a healthy workplace and a comfortable employee experience.

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