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office map & space management software

Where you manage your office

Robin helps workplace teams manage meeting space and desk inventory, all on the office map.

Thousands of growing companies use Robin for space management:

  • Office maps

  • Seating charts and floor plans

  • Resource calendars and meeting room profiles

  • Seating strategy as the company grows

workplace team

One place where your workplace team, works together

Running the office is a group effort, so teams need a shared view of the workplace and everything in it. Manage all spaces, desks, and resources in one central place.

office maps

Keep a living view of your office

Paper maps and spreadsheets get out-of-date quickly, making it difficult for everyone to know what’s available. Improve office visibility with an office map, where everyone will instantly see the latest changes reflected.

space inventory

Understand space inventory, office-wide

The hardest part of your employees’ day shouldn’t be figuring out where to hold their next meeting. Help people match their activities to the best available space by adding insight into features and resources on the map.

space management

Manage your desks, know where people sit

Your modern seating chart, no spreadsheets necessary. Coordinate desk moves with drag and drop, share changes across teams before going live, and find people faster than ever, all right from your map. Unlike spreadsheets, these seating charts stay up-to-date with the latest collaboration, without copy and paste marathons.

office seating chart

Where does _____ sit? Search the seating chart

An up-to-date seating chart the entire office can use. Easily see what desk is assigned to who or support a flexible work culture by empowering teams to choose their desks for the day (or more).

Optimize your office, today

Crack the space planning code with insights built for the modern office.

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We are now working across offices in five states, and multiple countries. On day one in our offices, we want our employees to be able to operate seamlessly and the Robin platform will be a welcome, familiar tool to make that happen.

- Brian Harris CISO and Sr. Director of Technical Operation at DraftKings

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