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Manage a return that works for everyone

Robin Return is a collection of tools designed to help companies of all sizes safely reopen and implement long-term, flexible workplace strategies.

covid-19 office needs

Welcome people back with confidence

Robin Return helps companies manage a phased return and transition to a people-centric, flexible workplace strategy.

  • Distance planning: Get a birds-eye view of your entire workplace and set up socially distanced seating plans that allow for your ideal capacity.

  • Contact tracing: Confirm individual and team use of conference rooms, desks, and other bookable spaces throughout the office.

  • Flexible seating with interactive maps: Offer bookable seating options and wayfinding from a map via desktop, in-office kiosk, or mobile app.

  • Workplace analytics: Get robust reporting to answer questions like, “Who was in the office and when?” and “Do we have enough desks?”

social distancing in the workplace

Manage your seating chart with distance planning in mind

Determine which desks can be used and draft a safe floor plan using desk parameters, all while establishing capacity limits. Develop a seating strategy that works for your people — all flexible, all assigned, or a blend of both.

office safety and contact tracing

Know who’s been where and when

Track conference room, desk, and space utilization for contract tracing through reservation-based data. Once someone checks into a meeting or books a flexible desk, you can reference where they’ve been and who was nearby using exports.

digital wayfinding

Give your people choice upon their return

When it’s time to come back to the office, employees will want to choose how and where they work. Help everyone navigate the space with enhanced wayfinding and short and long-term bookable seating using interactive maps.

workplace analytics

Report on how people use the office

Understand how your office is being used and identify ways to improve and advance the space based on utilization over time.

Get your workplace ready to go

Robin Return gives you the power to welcome people back confidently.

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