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booking & wayfinding

A workplace that works for your people

Help people book meeting rooms, change desks, and find their teammates quicker. No wandering. No wondering.

activity-based work

Manage meetings, seating, and mischief

With meeting rooms and seating charts together in one spot, scheduling and wayfinding is easy. Robin knows where all employees sit and what meetings should happen where.

  • Workplace map - search for people, workspaces, or resources in your office

  • Meeting room booking - find the ideal fit for your meeting

  • Desk booking - find your seat or book a flexible desk

  • Abandoned meeting protection - remove meetings that don't happen

  • Digital signage - get a real-time view with scheduling displays and office map

meeting room booking

Recommend the best fit meeting spaces

Robin recommends the best place to work to meet your requirements. No rooms available? Alternate time suggestions help your team make the meeting happen.

meeting room usage

Is this room free? Remove abandoned meetings

Instead of rooms sitting empty when meetings don’t happen, Robin removes abandoned events from the calendar, giving that space back to the rest of the team. Real-time updates mean everyone gets the most out of your office.

office seating chart

Where does ____ sit? Search the seating chart

An up-to-date seating chart the entire office can use. Easily see what desk is assigned to who or support a flexible work culture by empowering teams to choose their desks for the day (or more).

office wayfinding

What makes a user-friendly workplace?

A living view of the office on digital signage means employees spend less time taking laps looking for people and places and more time doing the work that matters. Book meeting spaces and desks on the fly from kiosks or room displays, and use interactive maps to know exactly where to go.

Deliver a great workplace experience

Help your team do their best work, without doing more work.

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Finding and creating spaces can be very difficult. A lot of people don’t know the layout of the office very well, and so being able to look on a map and say, ‘Oh, this is where I want to go.’ That’s why Robin is so successful and easy to use here.

- Heather Metcalfe Office Manager at Health Catalyst

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