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workplace analytics

Insights to advance your workplace

Uncover how to tailor your office to your team’s needs with data-driven decisions. Know what your team needs.

data-driven workplace

Does your office support your people?

Understand space usage without hiring consultants to observe and survey your team. Use analytics to see over and under-utilized spaces, identify patterns in occupancy, and proactively improve your office.


Space utilization

Meeting density

Meeting fit

Space usage

Recaptured time

abandoned meeting protection

Recapture unused spaces

Is your space flexible enough to support your fast-paced work environment? With 20% of meeting room reservations abandoned and 15% of meetings ad-hoc, it better be. Instead of letting spaces sit empty and unavailable to the rest of the office, free abandoned meetings from the calendar and support that impromptu collaboration.

space utilization

Uncover where the best work happens

Get ahead of office complaints - Robin helps workplace teams be proactive, with constant feedback about what works and what doesn’t anymore. Armed with data around space utilization, occupancy, recaptured time your team can make informed decisions on how to create a workplace experience that best supports your employees.

office utilization

Share office insights with your team

Do we have the right amount of workstations? When is the office busiest? Do the types of spaces in the office match the events on the calendar? Let the numbers do the talking -- share the answers with exportable charts and data.

space planning

Maximize existing office space

Redesign your office with data-driven insights to maximize your current space, rather than buying expensive new real estate. If an office move is on the horizon, rely on workplace analytics to proactively plan for what your office needs more of, what’s working well, and where bottlenecks exist as you build out a new space.

Globally, we looked at the analytics for recapturing time in our spaces and over a month, across 130 rooms, we were able to recapture just over 500 hours. That’s 500 hours that spaces would have sat dormant.

- Johnathon Broekhuizen Senior Operations Technician at Datto

How a data backup startup tackles workplace

Datto customer story

Optimize your office, today

Crack the space planning code with insights built for the modern office.

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